Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lame attempt at a comeback #2

10:30 pm. Have nothing productive to say. Missed tango. Was supposed to run three miles, but successful managed to walk just over one. Craig, my good friend and new landlord is coming over to fumigate my apartment (sadly, the only shocking shocking business that I'm willing to discuss is that I think I caught a brown recluse in my new digs. Aside from deadly arachnids lurking in dark corners of my pad, I have nothing else to complain about. You know, it really comes down to location location location.)Have to feebly clean up around here...moved in a few weeks ago, and my clothes were barely hung up into the closet as of a few days ago. Don't want to leave the impression that the last tenant, my complete mess of an ex-boyfriend, never left.

Have a lot of crazy plans on decorating my place...lots of wonderful fun things to spruce up my plot of land. At the moment, unless a wad of thousands and cocaine induced energy come my way, I'll just have to assume those ideas are sitting on a backburner. It'll get done. Just not anytime soon.

Here's to hoping and wishing. Leaving to pick up a dirty sock or two.

-the end-

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