Monday, July 6, 2009

LAzy days and mondays.

If I could comfortably spend the rest of my days in a pair of cotton undies and bra in perfectly air conditioned house watching shitty tv and eating cheetos and get paid to do it all, I think I would be the happiest girl on earth.

The shocking reality that this isn't my fate, came crashing down early this morning. It was 10:30 am. I was balled up in a fetal position crying my heart out knowing that in a few short weeks, that wouldn't be considered casually sleeping in a little late. That would straight up be a firm reprimand to a job I don't care for that like any continual change in the seasons, I would return to because I had no other choice. That's what you do with fate. You go where the little ball and chain allows you to go.

It's now 11:20 and I have the full day ahead of me. I plan to do absolutely nothing and cherish every last moment of it.

-the end-

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