Sunday, January 3, 2010

To be frank....

Because my name is not Frank, being friends with me can often cause confusion. To clarify, the fact that I was born with a vagina tends to cause confusion with friendships of mixed gender.

Specifically that of the sex opposite to mine.

I have made someone close to me very uncomfortable. He insists that his "flirtations" with me have led me on and he no longer feels comfortable around me. To me, his "flirtations" were on the juvenile bent. While charming and endearing to me, like a relationship with any 8th grader, harmless and non-threatening. Long and short of it, meant to be playful and fun and nothing more.

It's the classic case of miscommunication, or lack thereof. I got my feelings hurt from something I don't think he quite understands. Considering the environment and circumstance, this easily translates into perhaps a jealousy of another person present. A person of my own gender influence. It's all a muddle and that's where the current story ends.

Coming full circle, I ponder the possibility that having a penis might have made my situation run a lot smoother. To muscle it out, have a winner and let a firm handshake of reconciliation take care of the rest. Alas, I have a stupid vagina with no hopes of growing a "manhood" in any near future.

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