Sunday, August 23, 2009

Almost forgotten, nearly always reminded.

A dear friend and I have been going through romantic woe at exactly the same time. Remembering the old adage, "Misery loves company," it's almost a bit too precious this has happened so conveniently...or rather inconveniently. However, I couldn't imagine a better partner in crime to go through this with. Said person is a good portion of my heart, and considering we went through very like circumstances, helping him mend was like mending myself. About a month later, the both of us are beginning to get back on track. In hearing him talk and sort his head out loud, he's reaching that bit of zen that registers to me he's going to be okay. I think I'm getting there, but my confidence had taken a pretty severe hit and so getting on the same page is taking me a bit more time than I imagine. Long story short, I'm getting close but I'm hardly what you considered there just yet.

In the meantime, I've spent a considerable lot of time with some wonderful company this weekend. They really do make up the rest of my heart. Getting out, having fun, not necessarily forgetting what I've been going through but giving myself a proper opportunity to take a break from it has been a tremendous load off the aching muscle in my chest. I could have spent a bit more time in that happy sort of place, but certain people and their effect on you have a way of demanding attention when they're being ignored. A certain missed phone call or message that temporarily empowers you for having ignored, will always gnaw at you moments later.

As I drift off to sleep in attempts to forget, I will be kept awake thinking about whether or not I should have ignored them altogether.

-the end-

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