Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Scary days in the neighborhood: Why being a single girl living alone sometimes scares the bejeezus out of me.

So, this past week, I had a frightful dream. It kept me up the rest of the night and I never caught up on sleep for the remainder of the next day. The dream was a real doozy, and without getting into too much detail, I had I lot of time to think about it as I spent my waking hours reinforcing the screens to all my windows, asking the guys at Home Depot about the most cost efficient way I could go about keeping life's psychopaths from paying me a visit against my will, and investing in a huge ass "take down a bear and it's pack" sized can of chili-pepper spray. (I've been informed I have to register for a license of some sort to carry the potent amount of attack spray I chose to procure).

Normally, I take the lazy man's belief system that "whatever will happen will happen." But, frankly it was a vivid dream reinforced by the increased amount of reports of sexual assaults around the city by attackers that have yet to be apprehended. Whatever will happen, will most undoubtedly happen. I've just decided that, in my scenario I'll have effectively caused enough physical harm to said attacker in such a way that he (or hell, even she...there are a lot of crazy people out there) will reconsider doing it again. Not that they will have the capability to do so.

Nonetheless, the anxiety does have me a bit on edge as of late. As I finally manage to enforce some amount of healthy sleep, I curl up these days with a completely useless by mildly intimidating appearing guard dog and the extra sharp titanium trek stick my ex left behind at my place.

Hopefully, the worst case scenario will ever be is that I managed to poke my own eye out in a fitful night of sleep.

-the end-

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