Thursday, August 13, 2009

Last hurrah in Houston.

The idea is that I come down to Houston to have a last summer hurrah before the start of another school year on Monday. So far, that has entailed me running errands as soon as I arrived here and now rounding out my evening watching Thundercats with my four year old niece. Totally rocking it hardcore.


Realistically, I could have used a bit of reprieve from all that is Austin, TX at the moment anyway.

Over the last few years, Austin has ranked high on travel lists as the best place to be a single person. I agree with this wholeheartedly. Austin is the best place to be a single person...if you have no wishes to change that status...if you've already proven to be completely dysfunctional at maintaining anything long term or anywhere near remotely healthy for a long period of time...if the thought of commitment thorough scares the shit out of you...if you are me.

Not that any of the above would be different if I lived in Houston or any other major or minor metropolis. I've just found that Austin has delightfully and professionally managed to encourage said tendencies.

However, as of late, I've found a certain need to change some of my habits. I never found those particularities naturally within me. I was just young and dumb and full of....oh well, we'll just censor that little axiom, shall we?...enough to allow myself to be accustomed to it as second skin. Seeing that want for change turning in the synapses, Austin all of a sudden felt a bit claustrophobic. Not everyone is necessarily on board with that. Some people actually prefer the former and not the slowly changing latter. And, I could use some time apart from "some people."

I'll be ready to come home soon enough. Eventually, if I want to make ends meet, I'll have to go back to work. And besides, Austin has more to offer than a singles scene. It has cupcakes. (And people that do love me for my heart.)

-the end-

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