Friday, August 14, 2009

"I gave fair warning that tonight would not turn out like you expected it would."

Tonight, I got dragged to the opening of a new Westin Hotel in downtown Houston. I do not have enough fingers or toes on my person...on your person...on the person of all of my friends combined to count the number of things I would have rather done tonight. But, as a favor to a friend who needed a little more organized fun and excitement cum free drinks, I went. Needless to say, I ended having spent more money on this evening and not one of my drinks was comped. I did however, leave a good smudge of dirt and grass on those fancy Westin sheets as jumped on their fancy overpriced beds with my heels on.

Still, that sort of satisfaction barely covers one of my paid drinks.

A word to the wise...don't ever let an invitation to any sort of grand opening of any kind convince you that you are going to have a good time or that you are special. An appearance only to said event only demonstrates how much of a glutton for punishment you are. Suckers are a dime a dozen and you and the rest are now standing in line for a free drink that will never come.

We did, however, go to a lovely dive bar called Kay's Place I ended up thoroughly enjoying. I could take off my heels, swill a few Lonestars, and talk shit and rabble rouse to much saner folk who realized paying 3 bucks for a pint is a price worth paying considering what you have to go through freely for "free".

-the end-


mom2reese said...

What is this "Place"? It's just Kay's!

The Khanh is Dead. said...

It's a place I made up in my head...

The Khanh is Dead. said...
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