Friday, August 14, 2009

Why I feel l'm really on vacation today...

Currently staying in my sister's house. Let me tell you, being away from home in a clean house is in and of itself, a vacation. All I had to do today was get up early to let the contractor's in to work on some construction bits around the house, and the rest of my day morning was dedicated to sloth.

First task of the day...wash laundry. You'd think that would be a chore for me, because it's a chore for everyone else. But, I really like doing laundry. It's a simple mindless task that unfortunately takes lodes of time to do properly. So, I rarely do. Unless I'm on a mini-vacay...which I am...which I'm currently doing. Something about being blanketed by warm fresh clothing makes me feel loved. It's the exact opposite of the feeling of self-loathing and despair I get when I run out of clean clothes and am reduced to wearing ill-fitting back of the closet sample sale mistakes or baptizing myself with gallons of Febreeze before leaving the house.

Other loveliness...I have the house to myself this morning. Not that I don't love my sister or her family, but being alone plopped in a very lady like manner (read: not very lady like at all) manner in front of a huge flatscreen tv, surrounded by warm laundry and no one to fight over the remote with (that person being a four yr old who wants to watch nothing but Go Diego Go which conflicts with my need to watch nothing but Law and Order SVU - Go Stabler, Go.

Fine dining options...I'm what you call a grazer. I eat like a five yr old. I like individual sized snacks and food items partitioned off in compartmentalized melamine trays. Food looks lovely cut up into cubes. This would be lovely everyday, but I have a tendency to forget to run out of time to get groceries, which like doing laundry, should be a simple chore. However, I like dedicating more time than necessary to doing it and if i can, i just won't. This means a lot of eating out with I like and dislike in parts. If I'm dining - sitting to a proper meal with a friend or two, it's great. But, more often, my dining partner is the drive through man or woman at the window and my proper meal has no name but "number + large diet coke." My sister, buys grocery in bulk and never really runs out of things. So, my ability to indulge like a five yr old is catered by her responsible ability to restock the cheese sticks and personal hummus and cracker combos.

In addition to this, she got an ice cream machine and has been indulging in the art of homemade gelatos. I've been taking advantage of this new found art of hers.

Entertainment has consisted no less than three networks playing hours long marathons of mindless programming. Bravo's got America's Next Top Model going back to back. The Sci-Fi Channel has been playing Scariest Places on Earth non stop all morning. Noggin is nothing but repeats of Degrassi The Next Generation. If I bore of any of this, my sister was mysterious gifted box set of True Blood's Season 1. It is safe to say, i will have no brain cells by the end of the day, and that's fine by me.

As I'm a multi-tasker, I will thumbing through a fine library of magazines my sister has yet to go through. My sister subscribes to enough magazines that she's not quite sure what she gets in the mail, but knows that she's never in short supply of materials to read on the can. It's all girl centric ranging from gossip rags to decorating and fashion magazines. And frankly, I'm in hog heaven with my nose in mindless reading material. Which, I will get to as soon as I'm finished typing.

The likelihood that I will get up for anything but bathroom breaks, if that, is slim to none.

-the end-

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